Titanium Spork Long Handle, Ultra Lightweight Camping Utensil for Backpacking Camping, Hiking, Outdoors

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Color: Titanium Long Spork and Spoon


  • A Must Have for Deep Pouch Foods: 8.7in handle, long enough to reach/stir the bottom of the dehydrated meals/Mountain House meal bag/MRE bags,or other deep cook pots, deep containers without getting your fingers dirty or burned.
  • Super Lightweight: Only 0.54oz each, easy to carry around while backpacking/hiking/camping/hunting trips. Help to keep your pack weight down, a great addition to your backpacking or camping gear.
  • Well Built: Made of high quality titanium, lightweight yet strong and durable. Never rust. Environmentally friendly and no metallic taste.
  • Portable and Convenient: the included drawstring mesh bag allows you to store or carry your backpacking utensils easily in your backpack or bugout bag.
  • What You Get: Titanium spoon long handle, Titanium spork and a mesh carry bag.
  • Heat Resistance: Titanium doesn't conduct heat the way most other metals do, the handle stays cool even in hot water, it's good for stirring or cooking.

Details: Hmm.. Getting a Spoon or a Spork? In a Dilemma?? Our ultra lightweight long handle titanium spork and spoon set solves the problem for you!! Lightweight and Durable * Made of 99.99% Titanium, ultra lightweight * If you count every ounce for backpacking/ hiking/ camping/hunting or travel, this super lightweight titanium long spork is excellent for you. * Titanium is strong and durable enough to last you for decades, also corrosion-resistant and won't absorb food odors or smells. Ideal Handle Length for Dehydrated Camping/Backpacking Meal * Its length serves well for stirring deep freeze dried meal pouches without messy scalded fingers, scoop every morsel out in a breeze! * Also long enough for your Stanely camp cook pot, deep jars, a deep pot of chilli or any other deep containers. Convenient Mesh Carrying Case * Comes with a mesh carrying case to keep your spoon and spork in, it's still roomy enough for your extra cooking utensils/camping flatware. Specifications Material: Titanium Length: 220mm /8.7inch Weight: Spoon:16g / 0.56oz ; Spork:15g / 0.53oz What You Get Our titanium long handle spork*1 Camping utensils long spoon *1 Quick-drying bag*1

Package Dimensions: 9.6 x 2.4 x 0.6 inches

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