Jar Opener, Jar Opener for Weak Hands, Effortless, Never Skidding, Jar Opener for Seniors with Arthritis, Jar Gripper


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  • ✅Effortless—Designed with Lever Principle: input a little force produces a huge output force to twist off lids, suitable for weak hands, seniors or hand with arthritis, the elderly, children, those working in kitchens, effortless
  • ✅Antiskid—Designed with sharp teeth made from super hard metal, it firmly grabs the lids which whether made of stainless steel, tinplate or plastic, such as: water bottle, maraschino cherry, marshmallow, molasses, jam, canned fruits, Peanut butter, tomato ketchup, chilli sauce, grab hold of any lid whether it's factory sealed with film and do not worry slipping
  • ✅Ergonomic—Design for handle, comfortable and good grip
  • ✅"Walking" —Convenient for travelling with you or for BBQ, can be placed in your bag, or hang in kitchen everywhere, apply to open jar, water bottle and ring pull can
  • ✅Lightweight—Just around 2.4 ounce, enable this product to comply better with weak hands

Details: We design this product with lever principle, aim to produce a huge strength for user when open lid . You know, any effortless should base on no skidding. When the product at NPI stage of "prototype", we found the gripping material we originally adopted is easily slipping for lids, it is not what we want, in order to meet the thinking of "Good Product for Customer" which from our commitment, we introduced advanced design and problem solving method-DOE (design of experiment), FMEA(Failure Mode and Effect Analysis), 5Why to find out the root cause and corrective action, by these design tools, we finally choose the current method with High Carbon Steel to solve the slipping issue, high carbon steel is super hard metal, it easily and firmly hold lids of any metal kind, also include plastic lids. We adopted the appraise system "SIX SIGMA" to evaluate this product, Yes, we got it and passed through this evaluation system. We designed with lever principle and ergonomics design for weak hands, seniors, hands with arthritis, right-handed, left-handed person, this product configures with sharp teeth made from super hard metal, you can effortlessly twist open jar by a little force without slipping. No matter the lids made from metal or plastic, PLS don't worry skidding on lid, this product even easily open lids sealed with film. For Lid around from 1 inch to 4 inch (25mm to 100mm)

Package Dimensions: 8.5 x 4.5 x 1.3 inches

Binding: Kitchen