Outdoor Household Camping Lamp Tool Set, Portable Lamp Hardware Tool Set


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  • The latest COB bulbs provide super bright light, and 360degree coverage lighting provides high visibility to meet the brightness of large areas. Camping lights are an important survival tool and camping accessories.
  • Rechargeable and durable: This is a rechargeable camping light, also powered by batteries. Two ways of battery power supply will never let you stay in sudden darkness.
  • Durable and waterproof: The compact body can prevent collision damage. Thanks to its ABS military material and COB bulb, the rechargeable lantern is waterproof. Camping lights can adapt to various extreme hurricanes and rainstorms. The perfect camping light for indoor or outdoor activities.
  • Innovative design and light weight: The foldable design (press and pull the handle) can open or close the lantern. Metal portable lanterns can be used as flashlights, vertically lifted as lanterns, and can be hung on trees or other trees. The 3 powerful magnets on the base can be attached to any metal surface to free your hands.
  • The appearance is stable, big and square, and the hand feels comfortable. Outdoor activities, the best choice for home use