Long-handled ice tea spoon, cocktail stir spoons, stainless steel coffee spoons, Colored ice cream scoop Set of 8


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Brand: FanBell 

Color: iridescence 8


  • 8-piece ice cream spoons/ice teaspoons, coffee mixing spoon
  • Made of high quality stainless steel vacuum titanium, never change color
  • Dishwasher-safe without harsh detergents
  • Perfect for home, office and restaurant.
  • Food quality materials for human,nice for family dinner party.

Publisher: FanBell 

Details: Iced tea spoons also called tall drink spoons, is a thin spoon with a very long handle. It is used primarily in the United States, for stirring sugar or other sweeteners into iced tea, which is traditionally served in a tall glass. just stirring tall glasses of cool iced tea, lemonade or chocolate milk, iced teaspoons are a perfect spoon for an ice cream sundae. Can also be use them for dishing out condiments like salsa and sour cream. Don't under estimate the ability of the iced tea spoon. Originally known as a parfait spoon, it is also commonly used for eating ice cream, especially floats and sundaes. As these desserts are usually served in tall glasses, regular teaspoons or dessert spoons become inconvenient choices due to their limited reach. This is why the spoon has a very long handle.They are durable and easy to clean so they will last through many uses. These stylish teaspoons are a fine addition to your kitchen or wet bar.Product details :Product Size: 7.5*1.2*0.15 inchesMaterial: Stainless SteelColour: iridescenceWeight: 0.85 ozQuantity:8 pcsNotes:Do not leave cutlery to drain in dishwasher/sink for long time, Do not ust hard water to wash your cutlery as minerals in the water can corrode the mteal.Do not clean your stainless steel cutlery using abrasive cleaners on items like steel wool, They can leave tiny scratches over cutlery thus dulling the shine.Always use a mild detergent to clean your stainless steel culery.Avoid stainless steel cutlery to come in direct contact with aluminum as it releases chlorine which can lead to discoloration of stainless steel.Dry immediately after washing.Use a soft cloth to do so.


Package Dimensions: 10.3 x 1.2 x 0.4 inches

Binding: Kitchen