FanBell Classic 10 Pieces Sushi Making Kit, Bamboo Sushi Set with 2 x Sushi Mats, Rice Paddle, Spreader, Mixing Spoon and 2 dipping dishes, Sushi Kit

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Brand: FanBell


  • šŸ£ Why FanBell? -FanBellĀ natural bamboo tools not just adding a refreshing hint in your sushi's flavour, but also guarantee that your sushi is free from any harmful chemicals. FanBellĀ uses only natural bamboo in this sushi making kit, all sushi mats are put together by cotton threads - glue free!
  • šŸ£ What chopsticks? -Don't underestimate chopsticks. They are the most important part when you present your sushi, and we uses the finest chopsticks in our sushi kit. The elegant marble-style pattern and smooth touch of our fine chopsticks lift your sushi presentation to the next level.
  • šŸ£ Why include a bamboo mixing spoon? -When you are mixing sushi vinegar with rice, we believe a bamboo mixing spoon will do much bigger help than a plastic or steel spoon.We encourage people to use bamboo tools as much as possible in making sushi because those with sensitive toungues are able to sense the refreshing hint brought by bamboo tools.
  • šŸ£ Why include a bamboo spreader? -In our 10 years experience of sushi making, we found there are lots of things go very well in sushi, such as butter, nutella, yogot and even vegemite! We believe the best sushi recipe is creativity. We believe those with creative minds need a bamboo spreader to start their work.
  • šŸ£ Whom is this made for? -if you have made sushi before or are willing to search & watch internet sushi making instructions, this set provides the best value for money (and it is a complete set!). However, if you are a beginner who want to make PERFECT sushi rolls, please go to our store front - Jadewalk- to find one of the best sushi bazookas on the market.

Details: 10 Piece bamboo sushi making kit

Package Dimensions: 10.1 x 10.0 x 0.7 inches

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