Mini Hot Air Stirling Engine: A High Performance Pocket-Sized Working Model


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  • ★EASY OPERATION: it's ready to run. All you have to do is to take it out of the box and fill the lamp with 95% alcohol to heat the glass cylinder; then, after warming up for seconds, give the flywheel a spin and it will rotate rapidly and smoothly; besides, you can also assemble the free DIY set onto the flywheel to get the fan rotating. Just within 5 minutes, people around the machine will be surprised and wonder how it works. A great desktop toy, TONS OF FUN!
  • ★WIDE APPLICATIONS: it's a vivid model displaying basic principle of external combustion engines. People bought it for kids' science project, physics/mechanics learning, etc., enlightening them to explore more scientific knowledge. This engine is also a well-designed and crafted mechanical toy suitable for people of all ages from all works of life. It will definitely be a fantastic gift for those you love.
  • ★A WORKING MODEL WITH CAREFULLY SELECTED MATERIAL: mirror stainless steel base with 4 rubber pads ensures its stability while working; high grade spring steel stand is of high strength & hardness after the heat treatment, holding the brass tube tightly when getting this model going; employ wear-resistant bearing rod and customized thickened quartz glass to improve its robustness; we specially choose zinc alloy to make the flywheel so the engine will look more aesthetic.
  • ★WELL DESIGNED AND CRAFTED: with elegant design and fine workmanship, it's simply a beautiful piece of art. By the combination of Lever Mechanism and Crank-rocker Mechanism this engine looks more "mechanical". It is of solid structure & delicate body, all parts have done special surface treatment to avoid rusting and fading. Compact design makes this engine a super mini one that can be easily put into your pocket while maintaining high performance.
  • ★FANTASTIC GIFT FOR EVERYBODY: great design and fine workmanship with affordable price make this engine a great gift for everyone! Many people bought our machines as gifts to families, teachers, friends, boyfriends and SELDOM will our machines fail to cheer them up! You'll not feel regretful on purchasing of this one.

Details: Driven by the little lamp, this engine will rotate at speed around 1700-2000 RPM. It's assembled and will run within 5 minutes after opening the package provided you have a bottle of alcohol by your side. It is a MINI version which can be put into your pocket. A little bit smaller than a 330ml Coca-Cola can. But do not be confused by its size, its quality and performance are very good! We've done special treatment to the machine to avoid rusting and fading; use heat treated high grade spring steel stand to ensure its stability; employ thickened quartz glass cylinder and bearing steel rod to strengthen its robustness; specially designed Lever Mechanism and Crank-rocker Mechanism makes it more ”mechanical”. It will definitely be a great gift to those with mechanical brains. A great desktop toy for everyone. It's also a perfect teaching tool demonstrating the process of energy exchange: the hot air in the sealed cylinder enables power piston to move continuously, and flywheel will spin at the same time; periodical air expansion and contraction makes heat energy converted to mechanical energy... Kids will be excited and curious about why. This will enlighten them to explore the world. Features: Model: DHA-BS-301 Status: Assembled Speed: 1700-2000 RPM Overall size: 3.98x1.81x2.36in(L/W/H) Net Weight: 3.95oz Packing List:*Engine x1*Lamp x1*Pipette x1*Spare tubes x2*User manual x1

Package Dimensions: 5.3 x 4.2 x 4.2 inches

Binding: Toy