Diamond Ice Cube Mold Tray, Silicone Ice Cube Maker Molds for Cocktail, Whisky, Bourbon, Pudding,Cola etc.(2Pack)

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Color: Black Diamond Ice mold( x2 )


  • Health Material Ice Molds:100%Food Grade Silicone.
  • Diamond Ice Cube Molds & Trays: Include 2 packs of diamond ice trays.Each of them can makes 4 big diamond ice cubes at a time.In addition,we donated 2 funnels to add water.
  • Applicable temperature: - 40°C ~ 250°C (- 40°F to 480°F), suitable for most household appliances, such as refrigerators, microwave ovens, ovens, etc.
  • Widely applicable: We can use them to make ice cubes, jellies, cakes, chocolates, paraffin balls, etc. The big ball ice cubes are especially suitable for cold drinks such as whiskey,cola,Cocktail, Bourbon, Pudding,Beer,etc.
  • Easy to Use&Clean:Very convenient to fill with ingredients or water. It can be divided into two parts,we can clean them very easy for next time.

Details: This ice mold is a great DIY mold gift for you who love the kitchen ,designed from diamond shape. It can makes a 2 Inches ice ball, which is very suitable for cold drinks, colas, juices, whiskey and so on. You can also use it to fill other materials to get different things. Many customers use it to make jelly, cakes, chocolates, sweets. Pls use your imagination to DIY your own exquisite food. Instructions of Diamond Ice Mold: 1.Wash it with tap water for 3~5mins. 2.Combine the two parts of cover into a seamless mold.Then you can add liquid to make it into ice. Pls don't overfill the molds , 95% works well and gives the ice/water room to expand.It is much better under fill than overfill.  (Distilled water or cooled down boiled water can give you slightly clearer ice.) 3.Put it in the refrigerator for about six hours.Then that finish.Make the ice "diamond" out and enjoy it.  Available appliances: Refrigerator, electric oven, microwave, dishwasher, sterilizer Products include: 2 Packs of diamond ice mold Our suggestion: Please use pure water or hot water to make ice cubes. Chlorine drifting powder in tap water get bad effective.

Package Dimensions: 9.6 x 6.0 x 1.9 inches

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