Boat Bungee Dock Llines Double Braided Nylon Mooring Ropes for Boats Boat Pontoon Accessories Perfect for Jet Ski SeaDoo WaveRunner Kayak Pontoon PWC


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Brand: FanBell

Color: Black


  • Eliminate the jerking and tugging on your docked boat caused by non-bungee dock lines
  • Features a loop and slider at each end for easy attachment and quick docking
  • The bungee cord is hidden inside the rope and acts as a built-in snubber
  • Two EVA foam floats protect the boat from chafing
  • Bungee Dockline 3 ft (100cm) in length, stretches to 5 feet

Details: Name: 3 Feet Bungee cord docking line

Bungee cord docking line that absorbs shock to boats, cleats, and docks.
Bungee mooring lines are your collection of great boating accessories! 

✔ Peace of Mind and Security while your Boat is Docking.
✔ Eliminate the Jerking, Tugging, and Banging on your Boats and Anchor. 
✔ "Stretches" as your Boat, Pontoon, PWC, Jet Ski, or Kayak Drifts from Rough Waves or Wind. 
✔ Great Compliment to your anchor. 
✔ Loop and Slider at each End for an Easy Attachment to your Boat, Dock, or Anchor.
✔ Use it for your Boat, Kayak, or anything else you want to hold at the dock. The bungee cord is hidden inside the line to act as a built in snubber. Bungee dock lines are the "MUST HAVE" boating accessories when boating, kayaking, or jet skiing!


Material: PP+PE
Diameter: 16mm
Unstreched Length: Approx. 100cm/ 3 feet
Stretches Length: Approx. 150cm/ 5 feet
Main Color: multiple colors for your choice

Package Dimensions: 7.3 x 6.1 x 1.8 inches