48 Pack Liquor Bottle Pourers Covers Set 12-Pack Measured 12-Pack Stainless Steel For Drinks Wine Cocktail Dispenser Home Bar Tools

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  • √ Liquor bottle pourer set - Pourer can reduce overpouring and spills ,Includes the ideal tools for pouring and serving liquor and wine smoothly without clogging.
  • √ Enough pourer —12 of each kind satisfy your usual use, allowing you to save more time when making cocktails.
  • √ 1 oz Automatic Measured Bottle Pourer - Automatic Measured Pourers are made with virgin plastic, a far more durable material and will not corrode.It can be used safely when it is used for a long time.The pourer can pour out 1oz / 30ml each time.
  • √ Stainless Steel Bottle Pourers - The bottle pourers are made of stainless steel.Used as bar pourer for liquor bottles. Rubber cork sealing for various sizes of bottle.The pour spouts can be reused many times, economical.
  • √ Widely used - These liquor pourers fits a multitude of different liquor bottles, easy to remove and replace.Spout caps fully cover your pourers to keep your liquor from dust,and reduces evaporation of your alcohol.Popular use in home, kitchen, restaurants, coffee shops, bar, nightclub, cocktail bar.

Details: Liquor pourers can help you with elegant wine mixing and cooking! Simple easy to use is recommended for a beginner or an experienced bartender. You can satisfy different tastes also keep everyone, happy. Measured Liquor Bottle Pourers The ball bearing in the pourer can pour out 1oz / 30ml each time.This 1 oz pourer is an effortless way to reduce overpouring and spills thus saving an additional two to four drinks per bottle. It means that our measured liquor pourer will pay for itself in just one bottle. If you find the ball-bearing system is not working properly, please ensure you are holding the bottle at a suitable angle. If you hold the bottle at a too horizontal angle the ball-bearing will not flow very easily, if at all. Stainless Steel Tapered Spout Liquor Bottle Pourer The pourer is not only used in the bar, but also in the kitchen. Perfect for for pubs, clubs, restaurants, bars, coffee shops and diners; Leakage-proof design.Sealing for various sizes of liquor, wine, beer, vinegar and olive oil bottles.   Packs Available:    Professional Stainless Steel Wine Pourer*12 12 x Measured Liquor Bottle Pourers*12 Liquor bottle covers*24 (Liquor bottle covers has two sizes, the big one is the cap of Measured Liquor Bottle Pourers , the small one is the cap of Stainless Steel Pourer. )

Package Dimensions: 8.6 x 4.2 x 3.9 inches

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