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20Pcs 2.8mm and 4.8mm Female Spade Crimp Terminal with Insulating Sleeve and Wire Red + Black Female Spade Quick Splice Assortment Kit

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  • Female spade connectors are made of high quality tin-plated red copper, whose surfaces are plated with tin which ensures good conductivity and corrosion resistance.
  • The insulating sleeves are made of nylon, high conductivity, anti-oxidation, durable enough for your use,matching crimp terminal ,safe to use.
  • Female spade connectors comes with three different sizes:2.8mm/4.8mm With 18-20AWG gauge wire, different sizes can meet your different needs.Wire length: 200mm/7.8 "
  • Female spade connectors are easy to use and inspect. It can connect product terminals of different sizes, saving time for wire bonding, and the outer insulating sleeve can be insulated
  • Package include:2.8mm female spade connectors red x 5Pcs;2.8mm female spade connectors black x 5Pcs ;4.8mm female spade connectors red x 5Pcs ;4.8mm female spade connectors black x 5Pcs

Details: High quality wire crimp terminal block with insulating sleeve assortment kit for car, motorcycle, truck, marine,quad bike, scooter, boats, electric instruments Specifications:     Package Quantity: 20 PCS     Material: Tin-plated red copper and nylon     Size: 2.8mm, 4.8mm Specific dimensions:     (1) 2.8 Type: Inner diameter: 2.8mm, thickness: 0.5mm     (2)4.8 Type: Inner diameter: 4.8mm, thickness: 0.5mm Package Included:    5Pcs x 2.8MM Red Spade Terminal Wire    5Pcs x 2.8MM Black Spade Terminal Wire    5Pcs x 4.8MM Red Spade Terminal Wire    5Pcs x 4.8MM Black Spade Terminal Wire

Package Dimensions: 5.0 x 3.3 x 0.6 inches