2 Pack 360 380 Polaris Bags All Purpose Filter Bag Polaris Replacement Parts for Pool Cleaner

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  • 🏊🏻‍♀️Nylon Cleaner Bags: These nylon mesh pool cleaner bags with strong stitching and tights weave, is brilliant on picking up debris or taking in leaves and small twigs without tearing at the bottom of the pool.
  • 🧷Zipper Design: Zipper bags design make it easy to open and cleaner to empty debris than velcro,and just simply pull the zipper that you can empty all the garbage inside the polaris bag.(In order to avoid zipper jamming,you best to shake the bag first then pull the zipper.)
  • 🔨Easy to use: Our all purpose filter bag is easy to install, remove and clean. Enhanced clips is perfect fit for cleaner and user,it can be installed in a seconds! The all purpose filter bag is open on 2 sides, so it is very easy to clean.
  • 🌊Compatibility: Works effortlessly with Polaris 360 & 380 (9-100-1014 or 9-100-1021) . Hook and loop fasteners are designed to snap on securely to the hose cleaner and closed tightly at the top.(Please confirm your model of the Polaris before purchasing.)
  • 💯Promise: Through repeated testing of our polaris replacement bags and investigation of buyers' needs, we continuously improve our bags and successfully make every buyer like our bags. If you are not satisfied with our polaris replacement bags in the later period, you can always send us an email and give us your opinion, we will positive adopt it, and we will arrange a full refund or reissue according to your request.

Details: 🏊🏻‍♀️If you love swimming,then you need a Polaris cleaner bag to keep your pool clean.So that your hobbies are not affected. 🥇Product Advantages Our Polaris bags have beenhave been tested many times,unlike other bags on the market which are flimsy, rip easily and have poorly constructed intake mechanism our Polaris bags our designed to outperform the original bags. With zipper design and Ultra fine mesh technology, it can effectively help you remove debris,such as: leaves, paper scraps, sediments...keep your pool clean and tidy. 🔨Easy to use 1.Turn off your booster pump and disconnect hose from the dedicated pressure cleaner line,then remove your cleaner from the pool. 2.Find the all purpose zipper bags on the top of cleaner,the bag's plastic cuff is the fastening element that keeps the bag attached to the cleaner during operation. 3.To release the pool sweep bag,turn the bag's plastic cuff either clockwise or counter a fraction of an inch to release the pressure paddles inside the cleaner body and lift up. 4.Discard worn or damaged zipper filter bag. 5.With your new pool filter Bag in hand, align the pressure paddles on the bag cuff and the arrow on the cleaner connector pipe and slide down until your hear it snap into place. 📦Package 2 x All purpose filter bag‎ for Polaris 📢Note 1.Please confirm your model of the Polaris before purchasing. 2.When you put the bag in water, you need to squeeze all the air out of the replacement bag, otherwise the bag may float on the water. 3.Specific grid design, if you find that the cleaner bag suddenly does not work, it may be because the grid is blocked by the garbage inside the bag. Excessive garbage will cause the cleaning bag to be airtight and there is no way to breathe, so it is necessary to regularly clean the leaf bag.

Package Dimensions: 5.7 x 3.3 x 2.9 inches

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