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0.250 Quick Wire Disconnect Kit 100pcs 22-10 Gauge Nylon Fully Insulated Male and Female 6.3 mm Quick Spade Disconnectors, Marine Connectors Kit, 1/4 Spade Connectors

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Color: 100pcs 22-10AWG(0.250"/6.3mm)


  • WHAT YOU GET: Red, blue and yellow of high-quality male and female spade connectors 6.3 mm, total 100pcs 0.25" spade connectors
  • MATERIAL: Premium Brassr+Durable Nylon, Tin Plated
  • SECURITY: These quick disconnect electrical connectors can prevent the wire from shorting out, perfect connection for the wires. The marine spade connectors have a semi-flexible nylon protective cover, which helps prevent corrosion/oxidization and shorts
  • CONVENIENT USE: Low insertion force of the electrical wire terminals to mate easily with UL-compliant male tabs while maintaining high retention
  • WIDELY USAGE: Male and Female spade connectors are high-quality, the fully insulated quick disconnect terminals meet industry requirements spanning automotive, marine, consumer, and industrial applications.

Package Dimensions: 6.9 x 3.9 x 0.9 inches