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COVID-19 Shipment Notice Board

Where is my shipment?

FanBell is delighted to help each of us on earth not to be infected by the COVID-19. Therefore, we launched some of the essential products such as Automatic Dispenser, Gloves, UV Light, Alcohol Prep Pad etc for daily life. However, since the COVID-19 spreads all over the world, most of the airlines stop their service while there are hugh cross-border shopping demends from the whole world. In order to let our customers get the stuff faster, we are now using the direct line shipping service which provides by 4PX (one of the eBay and Amazon offical shipping service partners).

Below is the advantage and disadvantage we want to share with all our customers:


Route: FanBell's warehouse - 4PX - HK DHL - US Custom - USPS facility - Frontdoor of the customer (Normally, the shipping time of this route will be 5~9 days. but since COVID-19 starts, the shipping time will be extended to 15days)


This shipping service is totally blind (10 days) until the USPS facility pick up the parcel.


Please visit the link below to check the latest status of the parcel:

We hope this will clarify your concern and hope that all of us can stay healthy all the time.