FanBell's Blood Pressure Monitor Shows the Health Status at Every Minute

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If your doctor recommends you buy a blood pressure and pulse checker for you to use at home, you might be wondering why? The good thing about an at-home blood pressure monitor will give your health provider a better insight into the daily changes of your blood pressure, heart rate along with the pulse rate on your wrist. This is a better option than getting immediate readings when you visit their office, because it not only saves you from the hassle of taking frequent trips to your doctor’s clinic every week or so, but at the same time your doctor gets a more comprehensive and complete picture of your health. When looking for the best blood pressure monitor, you need to shop for something that is compact, gives reliable results and is easy to use.

 FanBell Blood Pressure Monitor BP Heart Rate Checker Wrist Pulse Arm Meter Machine Cuff

Pain Relief and Everyday Care

FanBell Blood Pressure Monitor and BP Heart Rate Checker with Wrist Pulse Arm Meter Machine Cuff is a well-rounded option. Not only is it wireless, but it comes with a wrist type model which you can use for simple operations by just one button. Pressing the button gives you an instant and accurate measurement of pulse and blood pressure. It is ideal for daily blood pressure monitoring because it has an optimum system for cuff inflation and can give you BP checks in both mmHg and kPa.


Moreover, the device has a well-lit screen which shows you readings in large digits making navigation easier. You also have the added feature of the device taking three consecutive readings for you in order to find the average blood pressure.


Fanbell wrist blood pressure monitors also have an irregular beat detection system which notifies you through the monitor screen when there is any alarming activity seen. With its clear and large LCD display, your readings will always be easy to read. Not only that, but the blood pressure device also features high and low pulse detection and alerts you at once if your pulse is going too high or too low. You also get a warning heart blinker that shows you that the blood pressure device is in the process of taking your readings.


Product Specifications

After opening your package, you are greeted with a plastic-based monitor that is run by 2 triple-A batteries. For the measurement accuracy, the digital blood pressure device measures blood pressure within the range of 20-280 mmHg and pulse rate within the range of 40-165 beats per minute. In terms of accuracy, the device is highly sensitive to readings giving you an accuracy within 3mmHg for blood pressure and a pulse rate accuracy within 5% of the original reading. Moreover, the wrist meter also has a circumference of 135mm-195mm making it feasible to use for any wrist size.


Your Home Health Manager

  • Fully automatic;
  • Clinically accurate;
  • It has an adjustable cuff;
  • You get your own storage box to keep your BP device safe along with a guarantee of one year.

 If you are curious about testing the accuracy of your BP monitor, you can bring it to your next appointment with your doctor and compare the results!