FanBell’s Compact Binoculars and USB Digital Microscope Roll off the Line!

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FanBell, a leading online retail company founded in 2012, announces the global release of its latest hi-tech products that are all set to transform the user experience. The new range will consist of FanBell’s Compact Binoculars and Pocket Microscope, two technology products that will represent groundbreaking reimagining of essential consumer merchandise.


Since its inception, FanBell has designed and introduced some of the most innovative new products in the market that positively impact people’s lives. Like a true inventor, the company has been at the forefront of the digital revolution, creating advanced products and solutions en masse. “We are most excited to announce the launch of both the compact binoculars and the pocket microscope.” Stated Tiago, the man behind FanBell’s leading technologies, “Technology products like these take months of ideation, perfection and development. Surmounting a gauntlet of design and development challenges, we are convinced that both these devices will be unlike anything else you will find on the market today!”


USB Digital Microscope

Looking for a microscope that will help you explore the miniature world? FanBell got the answer right! Available in a color choice between grey and black, the Microbrite Plus is a portable microscope that has a magnification range of 50x – 1600x, considered quite impressive for a microscope this small. It is fairly effortless to use and extremely simple in its nature, so young students can make great use of it. Not only the students, but this microscope can be used in professional fields and will prove be an impressive pocket microscope. 


I say: let us be the first to design a consumer product that combines novel technology with intuitive design. Microbrite Plus is designed to empower young scientists and help them discover a new phenomenon every day!” shared Heidi with a broad smile.


What is Special about FanBell’s New Pocket Microscope?

  1. Light-weight and Easy to Carry: A budget-priced technology product like FanBell’s Microbrite Plus is undoubtedly the type you would set your eyes on and wouldn’t resist buying! This microscope will comfortably rest inside your pocket and can be taken out whenever required.


  1. Brilliant Optics: Microbrite Plus has certainly not lagged in terms of the optics and has used only the best of all lenses; the precision-molded aspheric lens used in Microbrite Plus provides sharp and scintillating optics that would make the users feel like they aren’t using a microscope at all, but looking at it through their very own eyes! Supporting a crystal-clear view, the LED illumination and high-quality optics provide users with a vivid and crisp picture through the microscope.


  1. Provides a Limited Lifetime Warranty: An added advantage is that with every Microbrite Plus you buy, it will be backed up by FanBell’s Limited Lifetime Warranty. Should you find anything wrong with the pocket microscope in your hand, the company will provide a full repair or replacement of the product.


Modern consumers now expect more from conventional equipment. Being a super-resolution microscope, Microbrite Plus allows for deeper imaging into samples, longer magnification range and visual perfection. “The field of microscopy requires high level of skill and effort on the part of the user to carry out challenging experiments. By introducing a pocket microscope with portable capabilities, FanBell aims to make the whole process simple and easy for young students and help them collect quality data for their assignments and school projects.


Binoculars Reimagined: Setting New Dimensions and Standards

FanBell Binoculars are going to be a highly innovative, even a disruptive new consumer product in the market, all set to enhance the traditional binocular experience. With cutting-edge features like greater focal length, image stabilization, high-resolution panning and fully multi-coated optics, this device is built for the most avid outdoor and nature enthusiasts. FanBell’s binoculars with their 10x25 magnification provide intense visual experiences and the compact size makes them perfect for long-term, fatigue-free observation, making them ideal for bird watching, hunting, hiking, sports games and even concert and theater.

 FanBell Binoculars

“These binoculars are going to be the first of their kind engineered to revolutionize the growing outdoor recreation market,” says Donna, Head of Product Design at FanBell, “Continuing with our tradition of elevating viewing and image solutions through impressive optics, this is going to be the world’s lightest, most compact binoculars with unbelievable image clarity and stabilization.”


Binoculars for All Your Viewing Endeavors

  • Vivid Optics: These binoculars are specially designed to provide high definition life-like images without any color-change or blurriness, allowing you to observe a great deal with its 362ft at 1000 yds. viewing field. The fully multi-coated optics have made way for sharper images, resulting in light transmission of 96.48% for bright, sharp and contrast images, and non-chromatic aberration – this is the reason why they also have night-vision binocular

 FanBell Binoculars Pro

  • Weightless and Easy to Carry: Weighing only 0.6lb, these binoculars are incredibly light-weight and compact; the design is foldable, so it would be a great idea to carry a FanBell Binocular with you if you plan on travelling over long distances! These binoculars can easily find a place in your bags, in a mere corner, and they would serve a great purpose on all your outdoor adventures.


  • Well-thought Designing: Allowing for better focus through grips, the rubber armor ergonomic design offers shock resistance and steady grip while correcting shaking from handholding. If you wear spectacles and worry about how you are going to use these binoculars, the rugged construction rubber eye relief feature will ease the experience for you along with the dioptric adjustment ring and the strap mount.


FanBell is a name known for building consumer products that leverage trailblazing technology with excellence in leadership and innovation. “We understand that when you go hiking or camping, you need a product that you can trust your viewing with and bask in the full experience of it!” Anderson explained with barely-concealed enthusiasm for his company’s new product, “Our binoculars embody simplicity, quality and affordability.”