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Under Cabinet Jar Lid Bottle Opener for Seniors Weak, Arthritic Hands

Posted by wei zhang on

For some critical reasons, the elderly, seniors’ weak, arthritic hands just cannot open the Fosters Pickled Asparagus jars. The previous jar has slept in the fridge for weeks or even months until I happen to recognize from my neighbor that had the same problem with this same jar. It took less than a minute to stick it with the attached adhesive strip to under cabinet the location I wanted and screw with my cordless drill. I grabbed the jar and pushing it gently into the V till the teeth touched the metal lid and it twisted right off with minimal effort.

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All those years of fighting with these jars are over. In my mind, the cost of this little ingenious piece of plastic with a row of metal teeth is worth every penny to alleviate years of frustration and broken jars.