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T-Tap Wire Connectors,Electrical Connectors Self-Stripping Quick Splice Wire Connectors Kit Assortment with Storage Case

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The different colors indicate the size of the wire thickness with which you should work. In some cases, these colors are useful and save a lot of time, but for the type of size used in automotive and motorcycle applications, the gauge 18-22 can cause a number of problems, including the complete failure of splicing. For those with different tastes and colours, we offer 3 different Kelvin values for our white LEDs, while others offer only one.

This electrical accessory provides electromagnetic and high frequency interference filtration for the connection. It has both male and female sides connected with permanent and temporary connections, and T-Tap connectors are crucial for increasing the production process.

A quick-release connector, also known as a T-Tap, is used to tap an electrical circuit from an existing wire. A quick disconnect connector is used in headboard and speaker applications. A butt connector can be used for the assembly of aftermarket head units and factory beams.

A T-Tap Wire Connector Kit enables quick and easy electrical connection by cutting a strip of wire. A T-Tap wire clamp allows you to tap an existing wire into another wire with just one crimp.

Many electrical accessories are now supplied with connectors designed to connect to other wires without cutting or soldering. These connectors are often referred to as vampire connectors because they bite into the wire and suck in the electricity.

T-Tap connectors are ideal for fast and efficient work with quick connections. They save the splicing, cutting and soldering of strips, as the wires you clamp with them become female insulated quick clips. T-Tap connectors are used in motorhomes, trailers, ships, automobiles and other industrial and commercial applications.

The way Quick Splice T-Tap works is that you put part of an existing wire in the T-Tap connector recess and slot it in then use pliers to close the plastic sleeve around the wire so it clicks in. The insulated wire connectors work with either 24 or 20 wires and use a snap closure to keep the wire in place.
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It should strip the insulation off the wire to make contact with the wire. The joining process removes the insulation from the wire and disposes of the wire, but the opposite is the case, the joining process establishes a limited contact between the wires. High-quality thicker tin / copper contacts do not bend when tapped with thicker wires, so the wire is held together by quick splicing of the T-Tap connector.

Cable connectors are still an essential part of the home audio despite the trend towards wireless technology. I have never used a T-Tap connector, but it looks perfect for this situation. I was looking for a way to tap into the wiring of my motorcycle to add an LED light.

We have been in the business for over 16 years and have earned an excellent reputation among automotive lighting enthusiasts. We have a fast and efficient pick-and-pack system for scanning barcodes.

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T-Tap achieves the same thing as inline splicing, but cuts it down from one wire to a second wire and plugs it into an ordinary spade connector. Other styles are used for automotive and motorcycle applications, but T-Tap can be seen in the image below.