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Grafting Tape for Fruit Trees

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Indugref is an impregnated microcrystalline wax used to consolidate and protect graft calluses. In the traditional finishing process, fibre strips or bast (a length of string) were used to cover clay finishes with wax. The wax was replaced by a paste applied to bind the plant with rubber or polyethylene tape.

The elasticity means that the buddy tape expands with the growth of the plant, avoiding belting of the plant, a common problem with standard grafting tape. The elastic nature of the buddy strap makes it possible to use smaller pieces in applications to ensure a firm grip on the bud graft, keep it in place when needed, and enable successful growth. This combination is perfect for grafts that need a barrier to keep moisture and allow oxygen and carbon dioxide to pass.

Bio Graft (tm) tape is a self-adhesive grafting tape that extends over plant growth and is resistant to fungi and mildew. Buddy Tape feels waxy when stretched and applied. TK631 Black 3 / 4 inch (6.6 foot) finishing tape for fruit trees and vines.

Certain fruit trees do not pollinate themselves, they need a pollination or a second fruit tree for cross pollination. After you have first wrapped your vine or tree with adhesive tape, you have the option of covering the bonding material with a finishing compound. Remove the wrapping before the shoots start to grow, to prevent girding the tree.

Grafted fruit trees have become the rule rather than the exception when gardeners demand more options for backyard trees. Our plants grow in a field 2 miles from our office, so it is not possible to turn around and pick your own tree. There is a delivery fee, but it works regardless of the weight and size of the plant.

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Some people (I've written some negative reviews on Amazon) don't understand how to use this kind of parafilm. You have to peel it off and wrap it in a good seal. This is the wrong product for a person who wants to graft tomatoes, and I suspect that perfume is more suitable in the laboratory for sensitive grafts such as tomato plants.